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Selfypass is an enrollment and authentication solution to enhance crowd management, security, and guest experience. Enrolling Person of Interest into database or retrieving information on suspects. Hosting an event or attending one, you will have results in the matter of seconds.



Be a Selfypass member


Face enrollment

Upload a photo of the person of interest


Personal information

Information in the required fields to be completed


Person of interest is now enrolled into your database


Everytime the enrolled face is detected, existing information will be displayed.


3 Simple Steps to create and advance your own database!

  • Step 1

    Log into your SelfyPass account

  • Step 2

    Upload a subject photo to be matched against SelfyPass database

  • Step 3

    If matched, existing information will be displayed. If none, an option will be provided to add a new entry.

What is Facial Recognition ?

A software for identification and verification of people through the eyes of the cameras.

Technology used in this software is machine learning and neural network algorithms.

SelfyPass Facts
  • Photos registered with SelfyPass will be converted to a unique numerical ID for the representation of the face that will be matched against existing IDs to find a match.
  • Prilyx technology delivers results in real-time.

Privacy Matters

The registered photos will be stored in the database. In the consideration of privacy, SelfyPass offers an option to only record a mathematical representation of registered faces that will be later used for the validation of the same person. The original image will be destroyed after the conversion, ensuring the individual’s right to privacy with no way to reverse engineer the original image from the representation.